September 21, 2018

Why us

We have helped hundreds of people around the globe repair and improve their credit. After our clients finish working with us, they are usually able to:

  • Purchase a Home
  • Pass a credit check for a job
  • Get approved for credit cards
  • Eliminate negative reviews on their credit report
  • Get approved for Auto loans

Our dedication to excellent customer service is unmatched and we are industry leaders that maintain a level of professionalism while providing our clients with the education they need to secure their financial future.

Call us now 1-877-477-2011 to learn more about our credit restoration services

Discover why clients choose UCS Industries to help them with their credit restoration needs

Clients prefer to work with us because:

  • We have an easy access customer portal – You can get information and reports on the status of your credit restoration process when you need it most at your finger tips. (24/7 access). You will receive up to date info
  • Credit Analysis – We evaluate your credit so you can see exactly where you stand and know what needs to be done to fix your credit immediately. The obvious issues on your credit report are east to detect. It is our job to show you the problem areas of your report that you are unaware of.
  • Unmatched Strict Money Back Guarantee – If we have not improved your credit profile within the first 3 rounds ( approx 90 days) by legally removing inaccurate, unverifiable, incomplete information from your credit report, we will simply refund 100% of your restoration fee back to you. And, you will have the option of continuing our program for 3 more rounds at no extra charge. It’s as simple as that!

Our clients have seen almost half of the derogatory/erroneous information reporting to their credit, removed in the first 45 days, and most of our clients have seen an increase of up to 100 points in the first 90 days. We work hard to keep you informed.

Don’t trust anyone who will tell you that they can get immediate removal of negative credit information. To rebuild your credit it takes time and dedication. You can start seeing great results after 6- 9 months. When you choose a credit restoration service, make sure they have the following like UCS Industries

  • Members of The National Association of Credit Service Organizations
  • FICO® certified
  • FCRA certified
  • Members of the BBB
  • Licensed & Bonded

If you want to improve your credit and secure your financial future, let UCS Industries help you get there much faster.