We are licensed and bonded and maintain our Certifications through the FCRA and FICO.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is highly complex and contains many different requirements. It is the responsibility of the credit bureaus and creditors to abide by the accuracy, fairness, and privacy standards of the federal laws while also keeping up with regulatory obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Certified FICO Professional:

Under this certification we are trained to:

Identify information used to calculate a FICO® score
Identify behaviors that may be affecting your FICO® scores
We will Identify methods you can use to manage and improve your FICO® score
Review credit report information zones
We will analyze your credit reports and identify duplicate and erroneous information
We will identify potential identity theft on your credit report
UCS Industries will assist you in obtaining your credit report (if needed)
Creation of a full Restoration Action Plan